Core Values

Our values

Our values lie in delivering Quality Higher Educational Resources to our learners and thus our 10 Core Values are as follows –

Quality Education

We deliver the best quality education that takes our graduates to the next level and places them at an advantageous position amongst their peers. We strive to deliver the best level of quality education and service that exceeds customer expectations, providing the best talent and placing South African graduates amongst the top across the world. World class resources are what facilitates quality learning and education and that’s what we provide to all stakeholders.

Hard Work and Honour

At Wealthy Spear Education Institute of Technology we instil a culture of hard work and dedication to getting things done. We instil a culture of finding joy in doing work and doing quality finished work for both our internal and external clients i.e. employees and students respectively. We serve our clients with great honour and ensure that moral behaviour is upheld throughout various processes.


We are transparent in the way we do business. Creating systems that enable our stakeholders to help us improve the level and quality of our service to better serve internal and external clients in the most effective ethical manner.


We hold ourselves accountable to all our stakeholders, both internally and externally, in the way we conduct our business and deliver our service. We are accountable to the going concern of the organisation in ensuring that it is driven towards achieving its main objectives and that quality of education is delivered.

Access to Resources

We provide access to high quality unlimited world class educational resources to all our internal and external stakeholders. Access to resources that enables them to thrive and gain access to unlimited opportunities.

Outstanding Service

At wealthy Spear Education Institute of Technology we strive to deliver the best service to both our internal and external clients. We strive to ensure that our processes and procedures are transparent and ethical and that each individual involved in the value chain holds themselves accountable to the provision of utmost exceptional service that exceeds client expectations.

Integrity and Stewardship

We instill values of honesty and those of the managing and the supervision of oneself in all our stakeholders. This enables everyone who is connected to our organisation to manage and supervise their own actions and hold themselves accountable for everything they do and say and for their own future within and outside of the organisation.

Equal Opportunities and Diversification

At Wealthy Spear Education Institute of Technology we strive to create an environment that enables equal rights, opportunities and fair treatment for all. We strive to promote and uphold a safe, secure and non discriminatory environment that carries criminal implications for those that violate the rights of other stakeholders within and outside our organisation.


We strive to develop the best graduates for South Africa and strive to close the technological skills gap that exists in high technology industries and ensure that graduates produced from the institute contribute towards the economic growth and National Security of South Africa in terms of technological talent.

Ethical Behavior

At Wealthy Spear Education Institute of Technology ethics lie at the heart of everything we do. We are ethical in the way we package our services, the way we deliver our service to clients and the way we assess our quality standards. We instill a culture of ethical behavior in all our stakeholders, both internal and external clients, so that it is easy and convenient doing business with us.

The only time you will find success before work is in the dictionary.

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