Invest in Wealthy Spear Education Higher Institute of Technology


Educational expenses can be one of the most expensive Among-st the list of household costs.

Every parent wants the best education for their children whether individually or in union. Each is normally willing to carry the costs to ensure the best quality education that will open up opportunities for their Offspring.

Wealthy Spear Education gives you the opportunity to Invest and earn returns from your investment into the TVET college your child is enrolled in.

Most parents do not normally expect a return into investing into their child’s education apart from the benefits of seeing their child ultimately successful.

But what if you could earn a return in all the money you are paying?

Wealthy Spear Education opens the opportunity for parents to invest in Non-Fungible Tokens that are tokenized based on the Property and all other resources of the TVET college.

Ownership of the college resources depends on the number of security tokens you have purchased to earn yourself a shareholder title into the Higher Institute of Technology.

You have the ability to sell the Tokens in an open market if you no longer want to be a shareholder or part of the property owner of the Private Institute.

Each Token represents a stake into Wealthy Spear Education Higher Institute of Technology and High Tech Research and Development Facilities.

Further details regarding token sales to be advised.

Purchase 100 Exclusive WSEHIT Non-Fungible Tokens.

Each Non-Fungible Token starts at a price of $1 000 000.

Each Non-Fungible Tokens represents a 1% stake into Wealthy Spear Education Higher Institute of Technology.

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