Mission Statement

At Wealthy Spear Education Institute of Technology, our mission is to develop an educated nation of talented technology and engineering experts that are developing at a fast pace with technological advancements. Providing access to High Tech Intelligence technological resources that enable young people to be active developers that are able to manufacture and maintain technological equipment and products that advance the technological and economic position of South Africa in the world remains the core objective of the Institution.

South Africa is on the process of constructing a Smart City and that city requires technologically advanced resources that are developed and maintained by young South African tech personnel.

Our mission is to instill a culture of hard work, innovation and education amongst our learners and stakeholders thus paving the way for future developers and experts within various industries. We want to develop learners are are exited about learning, working and innovating and we do so by creating a technologically advanced environment that achieves that purpose and opens up opportunities for learners to grow both academically and in their abilities to generate income.

Ethical Behavior

At Wealthy Spear Education Institute of Technology ethics lie at the heart of everything we do. We are ethical in the way we package our services, the way we deliver our service to clients and the way we assess our quality standards. We instill a culture of ethical behavior in all our stakeholders, both internal and external clients, so that it is easy and convenient doing business with us.
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