Quality Assurance

Wealthy Spear Education Institute of Technology adheres to Quality Management Systems that enable our organization to always assess the level of quality standards in terms of the service we provide to internal and external clients. We implement quality management processes, reviews and audits that improve quality standards across all areas of the institution through periodic stakeholder surveys and employee assessments.

When it comes to the quality standards in the way we deliver education to learners – we are governed by processes and systems from the Department of Higher Education and Training and the South African Qualifications Authority through ETQAs quality systems. Course Examinations, student achievements and assessments of learners are moderated by UMALUSI which sets up and measures the standards of general and further education across South Africa with certifications conferred via the QCTO and MICTSETA as the accreditation bodies we are accredited under.

Quality Education

We deliver the best quality education that takes our graduates to the next level and places them at an advantageous position amongst their peers. We strive to deliver the best level of quality education and service that exceeds customer expectations, providing the best talent and placing South African graduates amongst the top across the world. World class resources are what facilitates quality learning and that is what we provide to all stakeholders.
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