Statement Of Purpose

Policy Statement Of Purpose

Wealthy Spear Education Institute of Technology – a workbased learning Technical Vocational Education and Training facility established with the purpose of developing High End Information Technology and engineering experts.

South Africa is a country that has vast professional talent from Doctors, Scientists, Architects to Engineers, Technicians and Teachers. Although that being the case, the South African workforce is largely behind in terms of High Tech expertise skills compared to other nations. The gap between the talent developed in High Tech Countries like China, USA, Israel, Russia among others is wide compared to a developing country like South Africa.

The aim of the Further Education and Training Technology Intelligence Institute is to close that gap and ensure that South Africa produces and develops the best talent in terms of High Tech and Engineering expertize. By producing the best talent, South Africa positions itself on a large global scale in terms of developing high tech products and services. The more talent the country develops, the more innovation flourishes and advanced South Africa will be going forward.

Our values

Our most important value is delivering Quality Higher Educational Resources to our learners and thus we work and uphold 10 core values.

Equal Opportunities and Diversification

At Wealthy Spear Education Institute of Technology we strive to create an environment that enables equal rights, opportunities and fair treatment for all. We strive to promote and uphold a safe, secure and non discriminatory environment that carries criminal implications for those that violate the rights of other stakeholders within and outside our organisation.

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