Quality Management System

Quality Management Systems

Wealthy Spear Education Institute of Technology takes a Democratic approach towards ensuring a Total Quality Management approach that is sustainable throughout the cycle of the Institution. The Institution has strict Quality Management Systems in place that are in line with the Quality Standards of the South African Qualifications Authority and the National Qualifications Framework.

Developing a QMS system based on The Scottish Quality Management System enables the institution to focus on key areas of the development of all stakeholders connected to the organisation.

The Scottish Quality Management System is based on the following

Core values and concepts:
The Scottish Quality Management System is a comprehensive auditing system that can be used by organisations to evaluate themselves against requirements and help to guide and support quality developments.

The system is based on 14 standards which describe quality features or characteristics of management systems:
a) Strategic management
b) Quality management
c) Marketing
d) Staffing
e) Staff development
f) Equal opportunities
g) Health and safety
h) Premises and equipment
i) Communication and administration
j) Financial management

Significance of The Scottish Quality Management System to Education and Training:

The Scottish Quality Management System has been designed to meet the requirements of the Scottish equivalent of SAQA, the SQA.

Wealthy Spear Education Quality Assurance Internal Online System ( WSEQAIOS)

The Wealthy Spear Education Quality Assurance Internal Online System is an online internal quality evaluation system designed in such a way that a quality culture is maintained and quality checks are performed throughout the organisation on a quarterly basis every year. This Quality management system allows Wealthy Spear Education Institute of Technology to create, assess and audit quality standards across all departments and faculties of the organisation. The input – output system creates surveys and questionnaires and provides technical analysis reports out of the results from surveys and questionnaires.

These technical analysis reports give an overview of the overall level of customer satisfaction of all stakeholders connected to the organization. Surveys and questionnaires are completed by students, employees, parents and other stakeholders connected to the institution. Surveys and questionnaires are performed on a quarterly basis annually. It is compulsory for all stakeholders to complete the surveys in terms of student acceptance and stakeholders relations policies.


Student surveys focus on programme delivery, student development and access to high tech resource facilities. Students are required to rate the level of service they receive from lectures and overall administrative management staff of the institution.

The WSEQAIO system provides  students a platform assess the quality rate of course materials, exams and educational content that is delivered to them and advise the institution if the quality meets the expected standards of their personal development and  career pathing objectives.

Student assessments are performed through tests and assignments and contract learning situations. Student assessment files are kept both online and offline in secure facilities to preserve the quality and ensure that they are presented when required for audits, by parents or other connected stakeholders.

Teachers and lectures are required to have weekly reviews with students to understand their needs and level of satisfaction in terms of educational programme delivery and highlight areas of improvement to help them better understand and improve their performance.

Learning facilitators are required to report to the institutional principal regarding student assessment files, student attendance statistics and learner performance reviews. The reports are analysed on a weekly basis to ensure improved quality learning, education and learner development on a short and long term basis.

The institution understands that learning takes time and in order to ensure that the institution delivers quality education at the most efficient time and manner a positive, ethical and close working relationship between teachers and learners is a compulsory requirement within the institution to ensure the wellness and development of students.

Students have access to student wellness and development facilities that have experts advisors to assist them to deal with their personal and educational development.


Wealthy Spear Education is an Institution that focuses on promoting a culture of quality work, equality, democracy and ethical behavior . When it comes to employees – growth and career development matters.

In order to ensure the best quality education for South African future graduates the institution focuses on ensuring that staff members are professionals and possess the recognized qualifications from accredited educational bodies and learning institutions. The recruitment of employees follows strict job requirement standards in terms of the Institutions Human Resource department employee recruitment policies. The quality standards are very high and do not compromise on ensuring quality education and service to internal and especially external clients. Background checks, criminal offences and qualification verifications are done on a regular basis for all staff members.

Employee surveys focus on internal service delivery, employee wellness and work quality audits. Employees rate each other based on the service they receive from other internal departments. Employees are required to submit reports on how they view their overall development within their department and the overall organization and report on what value they are adding to the institution to improve quality on a daily basis.

Employees are required to report on what they think can be improved within the overall organisation in terms of service delivery and access to resource. Departments and faculties are required to have weekly quality review meetings to rate the overall  weekly departmental service delivery to internal and external clients and report findings to better improve service.

Employees are required to have compulsory  employee wellness reviews with employee wellness specialists. These reviews are conducted on a bi-weekly basis to ensure the psychological, financial, personal and medical wellbeing  of employees so that they can be better productive, focused, invested and well balanced to provide quality work service to internal and external clients.

Our Institution takes a forward and interrogative approach towards understanding the wellbeing of employees and students while allowing them to maintain their privacy. This approach allows the organisation to be fully functional and produce quality work, service and graduates who are in a stable mental state to serve across the global economic value chain.


Wealthy Spear Education Institute of Technology adheres to Quality Management Systems that enable our organization to always assess the level of quality standards in terms of the service we provide to internal and external clients. We implement quality management processes, reviews and audits that improve quality standards across all areas of the institution through periodic stakeholder surveys and employee assessments.

When it comes to the quality standards in the way we deliver education to learners – we are governed by processes and systems from the Department of Higher Education and Training and the South African Qualifications Authority through ETQAs quality systems. Course Examinations, student achievements and assessments of learners are moderated by UMALUSI which sets up and measures the standards of general and further education across South Africa with certifications conferred via the QCTO, MICTSETA and The Manufacturing, Engineering and Related Services Sector Education and Training Authority (merSETA) as the accreditation bodies we are accredited under.

Exam assessments and moderation quality standards are measured by recognized independent Basic and Higher Educational Institutions. Marking and assessment auditing is conducted with the presence of members from independent recognised Higher Education learning institutions and bodies including Universities South Africa, Nations Skills Authority and other Quality Assurance Consultants, Institutional Rector, Deans and SGB members and other policy representatives.

A quality assurance internal and external audit is performed before and after every exam period to ensure the quality of processes, assessment and recognition of achievements. A principle of fairness and transparency is applied throughout the auditing process.

Facilities and other Resources

Wealthy Spear Education Institute of Technology high tech intelligence resource facilities provide students with access to world class quality learning. Our partnership with various academic institutions, corporates and government organizations provides access to high tech resources that are developed by technology advanced experts giving the institution the ability to create a technologically advanced learning environment that produces quality graduates and experts.

The use of resources effectively and efficiently is a big deal to the institution and policies and standards have been set in place in terms of the Wealthy Spear Education Institutional High Tech Resource Facilities Policy. The policy outlines the ethical use of institutional resources by students, teachers and other administrative stuff members. Everything from what can be used, at what time and what processes to follow to get access is outlined process by process in the policy.

Document and Data Management

A digital approached is taken through the organisation in terms of maintaining quality of all documents. Governance policies, institutional processes and policies, Students tests, answer sheets, exam papers, assignment, assessment files are all digitized to ensure that they are secure and cannot be access by unauthorized personnel. Exam papers and other confidential documentation are locked in secure access controlled online and offline vaults that are accessed by only authorised personnel.

Data protection plays a major role in the institutions’ administration and operations. The quality of the institutions’ data management systems ensure that data is kept safe and managed in privacy. This including data of student, staff, parents and other stakeholder data connected to the institution.


Communication is key and ensures that quality standards are improved based on the two way communication between the institution and its stakeholders. Wealthy Spear Education Institutions of Technology has communication structures, processes and policies in place that enable an honest and open relationship to be built between the institution and all its stakeholders. Our Communication channels are open to students, employees, parents, investors, auditors and other clients to communicate with the organisation regarding any matter that plays a key role in improving quality education and level of service.

Our communication mechanism include emails, recorded phone calls, quarterly meetings, instant messaging platforms. Reporting on improvement of quality from data collection finding is performed at a quarterly meetings held with all stakeholders taking part in surveys and questionnaires. Meetings are separate for each groups i.e students and parents, board members, management and staff, shareholders and investors. This gives the institution an opportunity to focus on improving quality for all individuals and in turn the overall organization. An inclusive meeting of all parties is held bi – annually to address all inclusive matters regarding the institution in June and November.

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