Wealthy Spear Education is focused on getting Young people Educated.

It opens the opportunity for parents to invest and have ownership into the resources that are used to Educate their children.

By resources we are referring to the Private School itself. The land and Building, the Equipment and Furniture, the shares ownership and voting rights over matters associated with the going concern of the School.

Imagine the peace of mind of knowing that you are paying School fees to send your child to a Private School where you are a Shareholder and are part of School policy decision makers.

You have full voting rights in terms of what is right and develops growth for your child.

Parents have the opportunity to invest in Security Tokens that are Tokenized based on the Property and all other resources of the School.

Further details regarding token sales to be advised. The institute is sorting out compliance matters with the FSCA and department of basic Education.

Ownership of the School resources depends on the number of security tokens you have purchased to earn yourself a shareholder title into the Private School of your child.

Intake from Grade R – Grade 9.

NCS , IEB NSC and Computer Science Education are the offered Curriculum.

For more on Wealthy Spear Tech, click on the link below to invest in your child’s Education.

Wealthy Spear Education Primary Institute of Technology