There are a lot of costs involved in Helping any artist develop.

At wealthy Spear Records, We bear those costs and help you grow while offering you a fair deal in terms of royalties income from your music distribution, performances, licencing and rights.

We work with global experts within the music Industry to ensure your success. We are transparent and fair when investing in you, from signing a contract with us, to writing songs, Recording, publishing, performing and selling.

We handle all Administrative matters related to your music career while giving you time and space to be creative and produce more content so that you can make more money for your own future.

If you think you have what it takes to become part of Wealthy Spear Records.

Upload at least 3 tracks from your Ep or Mixtape of any genre and we will let you know if you can join our global dynamic team of Musicians.

Please make sure that all tracks are virus free, Our system will shut yours down if your file has a virus.

Only upload a maximum of 3 tracks. We do not need to hear a whole EP or mixtape to decide if you meet our requirements or not. Choose the best hits on your EP.

Each File must be a maximum size of 20 megabytes. Yes 20MB is a lot and way overboard even.

No full mixes or full Eps or full Mixtapes allowed. You will be disqualified because you do not listen.

Producers, Rappers, Vocalists, Singers, deep house djs, Amapiano singers and songwriters, music engineers, beat makers, Deep house artists, kwaito. All welcome.

We are not here to steal your music. We have our own talent that we work with and we do not need to steal other people’s content or talent. We are here to help you get your music global so that you can get paid for your hard work and develop a career in the entertainment industry. We work with professionals and we are professionals and we expect to work with professionals. No drama, No unethical behavior. You work hard and get what belongs to you. You own your music rights, we manage your Taxes, Bookings, Calendar and Contracts. EVERYTHING TRANSPARENT.

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