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ID or Passport Number
Please write "NA" if you don't know
Please write "NA" if you don't know.
Please write "NA" if you dont have any
Please write "NA" if you dont have any
Please name the shop you mostly purchase your clothing items from
Please name the clothing brand you like the most, any brand.
Please specify the hair product you like using.
Please specify the make up brand you use the most e.g. REVLON, Clinique, Loreal, OLAY. MAC Beauty. This is to help makeup artists use the brand you like and align you with the right brands.
School, Varsity or Working? Please specify grade if school or university. This is to align you with the right brands according to your level of study or profession.
Please specify your current field of study in varsity. Specify if commerce or Sciences if Still in Secondary School. Specify the course you want to study after completing high school.
Name of your School, Varsity or Workplace. This is to align you with brands that are associated with your institution.
Job you want to work based on your studies.
This is to align you with relevant political campaigns.
Beauty contests e.g. like Miss SA, Miss Tshwane or any. Please answer yes or no.
Please tell us the type of car you have or want. This is to align you with your favorite car brand for Promotions. Please specify only the car brand name and model if you know it e.g. BMW, AUDI, VW etc.
Please specify your favorite restaurant e.g. McDonald's, KFC, NANDOS, Capello, any restaurant you like. this is to align you with food brands that you like the most.
Please tell us the place you like going on holiday to or would prefer to go on holiday to.
Please specify sports you play or prefer to watch. This will help us align you with the sports you like the most.
Your preferred style of music. please specify up to a maximum of three genres you like. Hip Hop, Pop, Amapiano, Gqom, Trap, any genre

Once we Receive your online application, We will get in contact with you either via Email, Facebook, Whatsapp or Instagram. We will require more information regarding your talent to assess if you are fit to join our Talent Pool.

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